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Gentleness | Collection 02


The slow ballet of the ever-changing seasons of nature and the gentleness it finds within itself, both in stillness and in storm, inspires this season's lineup. Learning from nature by honoring and cultivating a kind, compassionate, tender nature backed by a quiet strength.

Translating the practice of fostering a sense of gentleness from within, fluid-yet-structural silhouettes bloom with comforting oversized cuts for a soft and sentimental touch.

Botanical dyes continue to inspire—a true brand signature. Crafted with artisanal craftsmanship, thoughtful, bespoke details immerse each piece. The warm-to-cool color palette highlights the duality of gentleness, its soft strength paired with its delicate, compassionate nature.

Artfully proportioned silhouettes are fabricated with soft, feel-good knits, luxe cottons, and a lush velvet to softly skim the body to sail you into a state of ethereal bliss with the calming effects of elevated comfort.

Mindfully crafted to create space for you to flow with ease and move delicate awareness, Collection 02 | Gentleness allows for your true essence to be expressed in the beauty of everyday life .