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Care Instructions

What We Recommend

Botanical dyes are delicate, sensitive, and changeable. To nurture the longevity of your garment, gently wash by hand in a cool-to-warm bath of water using pH-neutral soap and allow it to air dry, avoiding the sun.
For any questions regarding garment care, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Quickest Clean

For a speedier alternative, place your garments in a washing machine, flipped inside out on a short and gentle cycle. Again, make sure you are using A pH-neutral detergent to keep your garment's botanical coloring in its original state. Hang to dry, avoiding the sun. While you can place your garment into the drying machine, it is not recommended. The speedy spinning motion combined with the heat causes fibers to break down quicker.

Do Not Dry Clean

Please avoid dry cleaning at all costs! Dry cleaning requires harsh chemicals that are incredibly harmful to the natural, botanically coloring of your garment and our planet. Avoiding dry cleaning will protect, preserve and nurture the natural state of your garment and mother earth.

Understanding PH Neutral Soap

pH neutral soap refers to the pH level of the cleaner’s chemical makeup. Using a detergent that is not pH neutral can alter the color of your garment from slightly to completely, depending on the botanical dyed used. Most natural dyes are pH sensitive, meaning they can change color according to the various acidities and alkaline levels. As the garment matures so does the dye and becomes less reactive over time allowing you to savor the unique coloring of your truly one-of-a-kind keepsake.